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In light of the current situation we are discounting all our online courses to help displaced students during this challenging time.

*High school students can get a jump on college and complete general education courses from home.

*College students you can finish your degree from home or complete missing general education courses.

*Homeschool students can use these courses to earn high school as well as general education credits from home.

Everyone can access videos, discounts, & free education resources with SpeedyPrep Perks ($79 fee waived).

*Always check with the college you plan on or are attending to see if they accept CLEP™ or DSST™ Exams.

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Prepare for and pass a CLEP®/DSST® exam and get the credit you need with SpeedyPrep!  SpeedyPrep offers you the opportunity to earn college credit for what you already know by taking a college subject exam. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars towards your degree. 

What Is testing out? and, Why SpeedyPrep?
‘Testing Out’ is a way to earn college credit without attending a traditional college class—perfect for anyone who wants to save time and money on their degree. If students don’t want to spend an entire semester in a classroom, they can pass a single exam and earn the same credit as they would from doing a semester’s worth of lectures, homework, term papers, projects, and exams.   Anyone can use the 'Testing Out' option: College students; working adults; highschool; homeschool students, and military members.

No impact on your GPA:  Test out of courses that might negatively impact your GPA.

SpeedyPrep was designed with one idea in mind: to offer test preparation material that truly prepares a subscriber to pass their exam. We also wanted to keep our prices reasonable and membership flexible for our subscribers to keep their education costs down. SpeedyPrep devised a ‘fill in the blank’ flashcard question format and added question explanations and short videos to expand the user’s knowledge. Each of our courses cover the broad range of facts, concepts, vocabulary and processes a user needs to learn to pass their CLEP® or DSST® exam.

  • Complete 3 hours of credit
  • Free Resources Included
  • Facebook Study Group
  • Online Flashcard Format:  Mastery learning 
  • Videos: Make learning fun
  • No Textbook Required: Study anywhere, anytime
  • Access to All Courses:  For less than $30 a month
  • Money Back Guarantee:  Progress bar reaches 90%
Over 2,900 Colleges Accept CLEP®/DSST®
Ask Your College if They Accept CLEP
Here's What People Are Saying I’m able to graduate in May...I just finished taking my United States History 1 CLEP exam. I needed a 50 to pass, I got a 58! I was lacking 3 credits to graduate, so now I’m able to graduate in May! I’m so happy. I really appreciate your services, I will definitely be recommending SpeedyPrep to people I know." -Katie

""I took the Organizational Behavior DSST and I passed!  Your course and study materials really assisted me and I was a lot more confident taking the exam after looking over your videos…most of the study material was covered on the exam. You guys did an awesome job creating that course. Thank you so much! ” -Jazmine D.

Testing Out with CLEP® & DSST® Can Save You Thousands!
Potential savings per course = $1,613.38 
Average cost of one 3-hour college course:  


Average cost of SpeedyPrep & the CLEP/DSST Test Fee:

** Based on $29.95 for two months of access to SpeedyPrep and $110 for test fee.

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