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the exams are funded by DANTES for service members:

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Prepare for and pass a CLEP or DSST exam and get the credit you need with SpeedyPrep!  CLEP & DSST offers you the opportunity to earn college credit for what you already know by taking a college subject exams. Because the exams are funded by DANTES, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars towards your degree. 

Fully-Funded: Test centers may be located on-base or on-campus and agree to waive the registration fee for DANTES-funded examinees. Administration and examination fees are paid by DANTES.

Potential savings per course = $1,713.38:  Average cost of one 3-hour college course: $1,783.38* vs $70 for SpeedyPrep *.   

No impact on your GPA:  Test out of courses that might negatively impact your GPA.

SpeedyPrep was designed with one idea in mind: to offer CLEP & DSST preparation material that truly prepares a subscriber to pass their exam. We also wanted to keep our prices reasonable and membership flexible for our subscribers to keep their education costs down.

SpeedyPrep devised a ‘fill in the blank’ flashcard question format and added question explanations and short videos to expand the user’s knowledge of a flashcard question. Each of our 24 courses cover the broad range of facts, concepts, vocabulary and processes a user needs to learn to pass their exam.

Endorsed by:

  •  Test for FREE:  The exams are funded by DANTES ($100 savings)
  •  Complete 3 hours of credit:   **For as little as $70
  •  Online Flashcard Format:  Based on mastery learning technique
  •  Videos: Make learning fun
  • No Textbook Required: Study anywhere, anytime
  •  Access to All  24 Courses:  For less than $30 a month
  •  Money Back Guarantee:  When your progress bar reaches 90%
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Military Partnerships
  •  EANGUS :  Enlisted Association of the National Guard of US
  •  NGAT: National Guard Association of Texas
  • NGAFL: National Guard Association of Florida
  • NGAC: National Guard Association of California and more...
** Based on $29.95 for two months of access to SpeedyPrep.

What People Are Saying About SpeedyPrep
“Well worth the cost!”
I highly recommend SpeedyPrep! I studied on and off for a couple of weeks for Humanities before testing. Without this product I would not have been able to pass the test. Well worth the cost!!!!
— Joey S. (National Guardsman)

"...highly recommend SpeedyPrep to anyone."
I have recommended SpeedyPrep to all of my fellow students and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an effective way to study for a CLEP. The “fill in the blank” method utilized by SpeedyPrep greatly assisted me with the ability to recognize the correct “multiple choice” answer on the CLEP...
– David R., U.S. military
What is SpeedyPrep?
The developers incorporated Mastery Learning concepts to SpeedyPrep’s study materials. Mastery Learning works with how we both learn and retain new information. The human brain needs repeated exposure to information before the memory can retain it. SpeedyPrep knew that mastery could be measured, and the progress bar was born. Every time a student correctly answers a question, an algorithm records it. That, in turn, fills in a progress bar to show our subscribers the growing mastery of their subject. 

The progress bar allows SpeedyPrep to guarantee its materials. We do so because we are confident that our materials are sufficient to prepare our subscribers for their CLEP or DSST exams.

Our courses are curated by master teachers and college professors and we work to keep our materials in line with any changes the College Board or DSST publishes about the exams.
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